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This is the first of a series of books based on real experiences the author, Michael Phelps, witnessed and/or endured throughout his career as a detective. The Execution of Justice takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana, and deals with the murder of a highly regarded Robbery & Homicide Detective Sergeant – and trying to find and bring to justice the people responsible for his death.

The Execution of Justice provides an intimate portrait of law enforcement officers and provides details of both their personal and professional lives. Readers can feel the weariness at the end of a long day on the job. They witness the dedication these officers possess in hopes of keeping their towns, cities and countries safe, even if it comes at the cost of losing their lives, being stripped away from their families and friends.

Inside the Book

Mike Walsh is a good cop who works in the uniform patrol division. He enjoys his job in spite of the hours it keeps him away from his devoted wife and two dogs, who wait for him at home. He is a great friend to others and boasts some of the greatest friends a man can have. Life seems ideal – until he is offered a position as a detective in the Robbery & Homicide Division.

He notices an immediate change since the two jobs can’t compare. However, an old friend and mentor, Detective Sergeant Jack Lovell, takes him under his wing, teaching him even more of what he knows. It isn’t long before Mike discovers that he is quite good in his new line of work. However, his wife feels differently. Mike spends more time away from home and faces dangers, in her mind, which he never had to face as a patrol cop. It isn’t long before their idyllic marriage begins to crumble.

Will Mike be able to hold himself and his marriage together or will something happen which will tears his marriage, even his heart and soul apart?

the execution of justice

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5 star reviews on Amazon

What are people saying?

“While reading this excellently written story, I felt as though I was beside the police as they performed their daily duties, while on or off duty and trying to keep up a social and family life. I have never read a book that placed me into the life of those valiant men and women that protect us as well as this book.” ~ Cy B. Hilterman, Amazon review

“This story is recurring daily, for most detectives around the country, and it is disturbing. Divorce and suicide rates are high in the police/detective occupation. These women and men risk their lives on a daily basis to get the bad guys off the streets, but this career choice can easily put their personal lives, and health, at risk. This book elucidates these dangers precisely, as well as the downward spiraling effect it can have on the individuals who have chosen to protect us.” ~ Island Gal, Amazon review

“What can I say about a book that kept me up all night, creating a driving desire to keep turning the pages?” ~ Linda S. Thompson, Amazon review

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5 star reviews on Amazon

The Jockey’s Justice is the second book of the Mike Walsh Detective Novels which takes place after Mike Walsh decides to move to Florida after his marriage has come to an end.

In this book, a Defense Attorney is hired to prove the innocence of two of its clients, both charged with first degree murder of the same horse jockey, both clients claiming to have loved the jockey, maintaining their claim of being innocent.

Mike Walsh and his partner are summoned to work on the case. However, as they begin to dig around, they learn about an earlier murder of a different horse jockey and, later, learn about yet another jockey who had gone missing some time before.

It doesn’t look good and both Mike and his partner know there is something more going on than meets the eye, especially at a particular racetrack, especially since people who oversee it have ties to the mafia.

In this chase, and race against time, will Mike Walsh and his partner stay alive long enough to solve the case, releasing two innocent people from prison, or will the chase become dangerous, possibly fatal, leaving two innocent people to spend the remainder of their lives in prison for a crime they did not commit?

What are people saying?

The Jockey’s Justice is meticulous in detail as Mike Phelps walks you through how an actual case is solved by an excellent detective who knows what he is doing and is willing to go the extra mile to prove his clients innocent. Lots of characters so well described you’ll know them on a first name basis. You will feel like you are eating prime rib with Mike and Rosa at dinner, enjoying drinks with them and even experiencing what it’s like to be under fire from Chicago gangsters in your car as the bullets speed toward you.” ~ Arthur J. Levine, Amazon review

“The author knows his material well and enthusiastically spins an interesting and well-crafted account that skillfully weaves uncovered facts and unforeseen events into an entertaining read filled with surprises. The final chapters are infused with “fireworks”, bringing the story to an exciting and satisfying conclusion. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to anyone who relishes a good murder mystery solved through thorough detective work. Congratulations Michael Phelps on a very interesting and enjoyable novel. Looking forward to your next one!” ~ Peter M. Leschner, Amazon review

The Jockey’s Justice will keep you guessing. A fascinating and riveting read, right from the starting gate.” ~ John L. Evans, Amazon review

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